Photo Gallery: Mexico and the Caribbean's Palace Resorts

Last fall marked just my first visit to Cancun, Mexico. That’s right, there was no Cancun high school senior trip or college spring break to Mexico (is that what the cool kids still do?). But I was skeptical. Yet I was pleasantly surprised and my skepticism was met with surpassed expectations, especially when considering it with the Riviera Maya in its entirety, including Tulum, Xcaret, and Playa del Carmen.

My first stop upon landing was naturally for tacos, at a little no-frills taqueria, Tacos Rigo, but then the pendulum swung as I headed to Cancun’s Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort , which is one of eight resorts by Palace Resorts. And let me tell you, it felt as big as a palace, or as I like to call it, the “Los Angeles of hotel resorts.”

Moon-Palace-Cancun (2).jpg

It’s times like these that I’d be willing to forgive my grievances toward Segways for getting from one end of the resort to the other. Because you guys, there are no less than 25 restaurants and bars spread across the resort. 25! That’s more than many cities have. And that's not to mention some of the other things you can do at Moon Palace (and other resorts), including scuba diving, golf, and spa treatments (treat yo self!). Yet it was my goal to have a margarita at each one, which needless to say, I fell well short of.

However, I’m passing on the baton to you, my readers, as Palace Resorts has offered to give away a stay at one of their numerous resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. One reader will win a four-night stay that could be used at any one of seven of their resorts (Le Blanc Spa Resort excluded), which includes hotels across Mexico and the Caribbean. But I’d rather not bore you with details. See photos below from my stay at Moon Place Resort in Cancun, as well as photos from some of their other properties (see all of their resorts on the Palace Resorts website). Enter to win a giveaway at Palace Resorts (among other giveaways) here.

All photos from Palace Resorts