Photo Gallery: Flying a Plane Over Las Vegas

Become a professional athlete, travel to outer space, and fly a plane. I feel like any guy will tell you that that was his to-do list, or bucket list, as a child. And likely is so for many adults. There's something simply timeless about these things, especially flying. And while our society seems to advance at an alarming rate, there never ceases to be a fascination with flying, be it in a hot air balloon, helicopter, airplane, or spaceship. But let’s have some real talk. What would your reaction be if someone asked you if you wanted to stop what you were doing and go fly a plane? Well someone did ask me that last year and I didn’t think twice about the offer. That's because you can actually do that in Las Vegas without any prior flight training. It's like riding a bike, right?

And what was the result? I lost my breakfast, three times. Yet I’d do it all over again, as flying an aerobatic plane with Sky Combat Ace over Las Vegas stands as one of my best experiences to date. Sky Combat Ace’s Top Gun experience puts you into what’s essentially a driver’s ed plane, where you’re given the controls of an aerobatic plane following a safety and instruction demonstration. The entire time you have a pilot sitting behind you with the master controls who can take over at any point. And unlike a car, there’s nothing to run into. After the pilot takes off, next thing you know you’re doing barrel rolls and loops through the sky. You can read about my entire experience here.


While I’m excited today to feature some photos from my flight with Sky Combat Ace, I’m doing you one better by giving readers a chance to go up in an aerobatic plane themselves. When Sky Combat Ace found out I was launching a new website, they were gracious enough to offer a giveaway for a flight in Las Vegas. The giveaway is for Sky Combat Ace’s Afterburner experience, worth $399, which takes you for something of a roller coaster ride through the air with your pilot executing loops, rolls, cuban 8's, and hammerheads (Enter this, and other giveaways here). But I’ll just let the following photos do the talking.

Photos from Sky Combat Ace.