Young Broke & Beautiful

"You are young, broke, and beautiful." These were the words I said while handing out stickers to people standing in line Monday evening who were waiting to get into the viewing party of Broke-Ass Stuart's new IFC travel television show: Young Broke & Beautiful. So that I didn't come across as one of those creepy flyer hander outers on the strip of Las Vegas, I probably responded with something about how these stickers couldn't even be found on Ebay or Craigslist.

"Now Spencer, did you volunteer just so that in your Southern accent you could tell some lovely San Francisco girl that she's 'beautiful'." No, I didn't thank you very much. I didn't think of that until after the fact.

But that's right, another travel television show. "But the only thing travel shows do is fill me with longing to visit places I'll never have the money to afford." Isn't that what a lot of us think? We respond to many travel shows with: "Oh, that would be nice, if I had the money." Well this isn't one of those shows. At its core, is a mantra that I've held onto closely over the last year: Do what you want. Broke-Ass Stuart travels across America to find those hole-in-the-wall locales and experiences you aren't going to read in a magazine or hear about on TV. There's nothing lavish about it; hence the title, Young Broke & Beautiful.

I got to catch a few minutes of the first episode Monday night and am excited to see the show in its entirety. The show premieres tonight on IFC at 11/10 C, with six episodes running throughout the summer on Friday nights. I hope the show reminds us all, whether young or old, male or female, employed or unemployed, homebody or frequent traveler, that you don't have to have money to enjoy a good time. Furthermore, that you don't even have to have money to travel. While there is something about stepping foot on an airplane and traveling to other cultures, I love that Stuart travels around the U.S. and highlights unique experiences that are to be had in our own backyards. It takes me back to something I've said over and over again: I will hold on firm until the day I die, that travel is less about the places, and more about the conversations and experiences.

Yes, it is a Friday night. But, DVR it, or better yet, invite some friends over, have some beers, and enjoy a traveler's night in. I have a ton of respect for Stuart and his work. He's been successful at everything he's set his mind to and can't wait to watch his new TV show. If you're on Facebook, which if you're breathing you probably are, invite your friends with this Facebook invite for the Young Broke & Beautiful. Afterward, come back here, and tell me how you liked it!

I was neither asked, nor paid to write this. I also didn't write this because Stuart interviewed me a few months ago. I did, however, receive a free beer at Monday's screening, although so did everyone else; therefore, it wasn't in exchange for writing nicely about Stuart's new show. However, I'm not above accepting free beer just because.