Winter Wonderland in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

You guys, winter came, and then it just didn't relent. And we're not even a full month into January. Just what do I mean? Well parts of California saw 20 feet of just a few days last week. That's about as much snow in one week that California has seen in entire winters in the last few years. Needless to say, it was the storm of the decade.

When it was all said and done, some peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains saw more than 200 inches of snow, while many ski resorts received more than 100 inches of snow. My home ski resort of Northstar California was one of many ski resorts that received more than 100 inches of fresh snow last week, while Mammoth Mountain Ski Area had even more, and was reported as having the most snowpack of any ski resort in America. And that was evident last Friday when I snowboarding down ski runs atop Mammoth Mountain in waist-deep snow. Ski runs with knee- and waist-deep snow!


As I've driven up and down California's High Sierra the last week, I've seen some of the most beautiful landscapes and weather phenomena that I've ever seen. Like some serious Narnia shit. For the beach bum, perhaps it's a nightmare, but for the snow-loving photographer, a dream, and one that hasn't occurred in California for years.

But enough talk about how beautiful it was. Let's get to the photos. See below from road-tripping up and down California's Sierra Nevada Mountains the last week.

I'm an ambassador for Northstar California, but all thoughts are mine.