Sunset Sunday: At Lands End in San Francisco

Everybody has that one thing, whether traveling or at home, that is yours. For some antique shopping, for others jogging, and yet for others it's taking photographs. It's that timeless piece of our lives that we love to do more than any other, no matter where we are.

For me, it's sunsets. Some chase tornados; I chase sunsets. I don't always take photographs, but many times I just like to stop and watch the sun fall behind the horizon as the sky radiates with color. And it's not sunrises, but only sunsets, being I've woken up purposefully to watch the sunrise maybe three times. Yesterday afternoon when I boarded the 38 bus to go to the far edges of San Francisco at Lands End with the purpose of hiking, I took my notebook, pen, and handy camera, feeling a hunch that a beautiful sunset was in my immediate future.

What resulted was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. I first saw the sun starting to set when I came around the bend of the Lands End Trail just above Sutro Baths. I followed it around, walking down many different staircases, hopping over fences off the trail, climbing over rocks, tiptoeing over the Sutro Baths' remains, and finally ending at Ocean Beach. Around each turn was a view that was even more beautiful than the one before. Here's a taste of what I saw.