Portugal Photo Essay: Porto in Photos

You guys, Porto, Portugal may just be the most charming, magical, beautiful European town I've visited. I know, I used these very words to describe Lisbon a couple months ago. But then I went to Porto afterward, and realized it was like a small-scale Lisbon, but with wineries. Port, after all, hails from Porto. Best Europe town ever?

The charm of Porto began before I even arrived. Taking the train to Porto from Lisbon felt so inherently European, cruising through historic Lisbon before speeding up the countryside of Portugal. The last 30 minutes, however, was the icing on the cake. The train began hugging the Atlantic Ocean coastline just before winding its way into historic Porto on one of its many renowned bridges, high above the Douro River overlooking the historic part of town. It felt so movie-like.


And the movie-like magic only continued, from the beautiful riverfront to historic churches to the charming alleys to the famous port houses lining the other side of the river. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves. See Porto in photos below through my eyes (and lens).

Porto in Photos