Photo Essay: Spring Tour of North Lake Tahoe

Folks, I have an important announcement to make: Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place in America. Whew, I said it. What a burden lifted off my shoulder. But seriously, how many places even in the entire world can boast the things that Lake Tahoe can? In one destination you have the largest alpine lake in North America, more than 10 ski resorts (half of which could be considered world-class, and one of which hosted the Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley Ski Resort), and access to the Pacific Crest Trail, part of the Triple Crown of Hiking. In one day (or perhaps more like a weekend) you could snowboard, paddleboard, mountain bike, snow bike, snowmobile, and sail. If only you could surf. But wait, you can surf on Lake Tahoe, too.

This week I'm in Lake Tahoe with Tahoe North, experiencing it for the first time in spring. And I've fallen hard, again (someone find me an A-frame house and a building to open a distillery). While I'm here for another few days, what really has captured this particular trip was my day on Sunday, when I spent the morning snowboarding Alpine Meadows, and then paddleboarded across the California/Nevada border along King's Beach. It was hands down my favorite day in Lake Tahoe yet.

But don't take my word for it. Let's see if these photos can do the talking. Spoiler alert: Lake Tahoe is stupid-beautiful in spring.