Photo Essay: Photos from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

You guys, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Most people, when they think about the Dominican Republic, probably think of Punta Cana, what many may call a Caribbean vacation hotspot, and lined with all-inclusive resorts. And while I've never been to Punta Cana, I found myself taken with the Dominican Republic, and especially Puerto Plata, on my recent trip there.

Last month I wrote about the inaugural voyage of Fathom, Carnival's new "do-good" cruise, to the Dominican Republic, of which I was fortunate enough to have been invited on. It was one of the most amazing, immersive travel experiences of that length of time that I've ever had. A couple of my friends have recently written about it, including Around The World With Justin and Laura Lawson, while I'll be sharing more about my experiences in the coming weeks.


Meanwhile, I wanted to share some of my photos from Puerto Plata. Of all the Caribbean towns I've visited, it was one of the most fascinating. It was beautiful and raw all at the same time. One moment you could be on a hotel's pristine private beach, and the next be sitting on a public beach in town, drinking out of a coconut you just bought on the street, and looking at a statue of Neptune that stands on a little island just beyond the breaking waves (yes, really). Another day I'd find myself working in a women's chocolate co-op, and the next riding to the top of Mount Isabel on one of the Caribbean's only cable cars.

While I'll be sharing more about my time in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in the coming weeks, I'll let these photos from Puerto Plata do the talking for now.

Next to last photo of me courtesy of Laura Lawson Visconti.