Photo Essay: Finding Your Travel Moment

What is it that you've gained from travel? Did you meet your significant other or maybe you gained a new perspective on life as a result of traveling? Each trip is inherently unique and personal, offering something that the previous trip didn't. It is for this reason that I continue to travel as frequently as I do, because each trip I take is so transformative. It's this personal and transformative element of travel that Expedia is bringing out in their new Find Yours campaign.  During the month of July, 10 bloggers came together to share what they've found as a result of travel on their blog and Twitter, asking their readers to share photos of what they've found.

Below are some of the travel photos entered into the Expedia Find Yours Twitter Photo Contest.

Wonder: From @babackpacker in the Sahara Desert (Breakaway Backpacker):

Purpose: From  @stevo120665 at Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain (Midlifewanderlust1965):

Bliss: From @expertvagabond at the Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa (Expert Vagabond):

Calling: From @bohemiantrav of Dragon Bridge in Yangshuo, Guangxi, China (Bohemian Traveler):

Strength: From @L_e_a_h with her mom atop the Empire State Building in New York City (Leah Travels):

Cojones: From @ben_herndon above the clouds at Mount Jefferson in Oregon (Ben Herndon Photography):

Love: From @MsBoice at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah (The Accidental Birder):

Perspective: From @acsjacobson in Sausalito, California overlooking San Francisco:

Calm: From @Juliana_Ossa at the Grand Cayman Islands:

Freedom: From @girlunmapped on the Sahara Dunes (Girl Unmapped):

What have you found from your travels?