Nightlife Aboard an Alaskan Cruise

And so with a few blows of the horn, a pool party and concert, and an appearance by Spongebob Squarepants, I embarked on my first cruise. The seven-day cruise with Expedia on Norwegian's Jewel will take me up the Pacific Northwest coastline to Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, before ending in Victoria, British Columbia. While I came into the cruise with little to no expectations, since it's my first cruise and first trip to Alaska, that doesn't mean I didn't wonder what I would do in between watching glaciers and whales pass by. That's why I was surprised to see the number of available nightlife options. Below I give you a little taste of the nightlife options before me on the Norwegian Jewel.

Java Cafe. This is your boozy cafe stop and what everyone is greeted to when they board the Norwegian Jewel. It has all of the things you'd find at your typical coffee shop, but with the addition of booze. This is a good central location to meet up with others in your party or friends you make on the ship, as it's located at what I call the ship's control center, where guests will find guest services, restaurant reservations' desk, and shops. Nonetheless, afternoons and evenings bring different entertainment options, including live music.

Topsiders Bar and Grill. This was the place to be will the ship pulled out of Seattle, as it featured music and dancing from ship performers, celebrity appearances (Such as SpongeBob SquarePants), grilling, and guests enjoying the pool and jacuzzis. However, once out to sea, the parties head indoors as the wind and cooler temperatures pick up. This is the typical deck bar that you're probably accustomed to seeing on most cruise ships.

FYZZ Cabaret Lounge & Bar. FYZZ is one of the most contemporary bars and lounges on board and where you'll see many events and activities happening for the younger crowd, such as karaoke and hip hop dance classes. The lounge even has several private karaoke rooms if you don't feel so comfortable singing in front of a room full of strangers. This is where I was really surprised (In a good way) by drink prices on-board. I didn't find the inflated prices that I might expect, but beer prices under $5 and most cocktails just a couple dollars more.

Spinnaker Lounge. This is the nightclub of the Norwegian Jewel as far as I'm concerned. While many of the bars and lounges are winding down come 11 o'clock, Spinnaker is just getting started when DJs spin music and the stage becomes the dance floor. It has one of the best bar views on the ship, as it's located at the top of the Jewel and looks down on the bridge.

Jewel Club Casino. For those who want a little Vegas for their cruise vacation. Located on Deck 6, Jewel Club is the ship's casino, with gaming offerings that include Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Let It Ride®. This is the one place you can use cash on board, or you can also simply bill it to your room.

Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar. If you're traveling on the Norwegian Jewel and lose track of your husband or boyfriend, I'd start here. Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar is the Jewel's bar for those who like their specialty beers and have a taste for those hearty liquors, such as whiskey. Luxury travelers may find some similarities at Maltings to the lobby bar from the Mandarin Oriental in London, which it's modeled after. Beer enthusiasts should consider signing up for the beer tasting that takes place at Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar.

Stardust Theatre. Welcome to Broadway, or at least as close as you're going to get to it aboard the Norwegian Jewel. The 1,000-seat theatre is where the biggest shows aboard the ship take place. This includes cover bands, comedians, and shows. This week includes Norwegian's tribute to the music of the 70s, with Band on the Run, in addition to comedian David Naster and Cirque Bijou.

This doesn't even represent half of the nightlife options aboard the Norwegian Jewel. Other nightlife options aboard the cruise include a champagne and wine bar, martini and cocktail bar, sake bar, and prohibition-era bar. As you can see, there's no shortage of nightlife options aboard the Norwegian Jewel, as it has more bars than some cities have, like where I grew up in rural North Carolina.

What's your nightlife of choice when traveling?