Month 4 of L.A. in Black and White Photos

You guys, after 4 months of documenting Los Angeles in black and white photos, I believe I’ve finally developed a habit. So whoever said that it takes only 21 days to form a new habit was wrong (or has never done a year-long photography project).

The good news is that I’m now one-third of the way through my year-long photography project of capturing Los Angeles in black and white photos. A goal of 1 black and white photo of Los Angeles for every day I’m in town now translates into nearly 100 photos. The bad news is that after nearly 100 photos, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find new, creative perspectives.

However, one of the biggest lessons I learned this month was the importance of trying to freeze moments in time. I think some of the best street photography and black and white photos I’ve seen have been those that have been less about the place and more about the moment, capturing a freeze-frame moment that’s hard to duplicate.

A great example was this week, following a rare mid-spring rain shower in Los Angeles. I was on a run when I literally ran upon one of my favorite puddle reflections I’ve seen in Los Angeles, reflecting the PCH, Santa Monica Palisades Bluffs, and palm trees behind it. It wouldn’t have been long after that the puddle would disappear, and a puddle like it isn’t likely to be seen for months.

Reflection of Santa Monica.JPG


This year-long Los Angeles photo project has brought with it additional goals that I didn’t anticipate when I started. For example, this month I submitted photos for my first photography exhibition. While I wasn’t accepted, it’s a motivator for wanting to continue to become a better photographer. I sure as heck have a lot of room for growth.

Perhaps the best part about the month of April was that I was in Los Angeles for all but a couple days, which meant nearly 30 photos that I shared on Instagram. That’ll help make up for May, in which I’m gone for half the month.

I'll continue to share photos daily on my Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, see below for some of my favorite photos from the past month.