Summer in Bergen, Norway in Photos

Scandinavia, and more specifically, Norway, has been near the top of my travel list for years. Like so many of my favorite countries I’ve visited, Norway feels like it’s on the rim of the world. And it basically is, since there exists few things north of Norway save for frigid sea, glaciers, and frozen tundra. So on my latest trip to Europe, I resolved to not leave without visiting Norway.

When I asked friends and other travelers where they recommended traveling for a week in Norway, the resounding consensus was for the southwestern coastal city of Bergen. A quick glance at the map showed Norway's second-largest city surrounded by fjords, mountains, and hiking trails. Sign me up! Moments later and my first trip to Scandinavia was booked.

I’m going to just come right out and say that Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited. The sunsets, the mountains, the homes, the fjords, and the people, were all so beautiful. Bonus points: Sunset wasn’t until 11 p.m., and it never completely got dark.

Bergen Norway at Sunset.jpg

For most travelers to Bergen, the city is a cruise stop in Norway’s leading cruise port city, or a stopover for those on one of Norway’s most popular tours, Norway in a Nutshell. Yet what I discovered during my week in Bergen was one of the most adventurous cities I’ve visited, and arguably the best city for hiking that I've experienced. While I was staying directly in the city itself, I could be on numerous hiking trails within minutes on foot, each of which afforded countless panoramic views of Bergen and nearby lakes, fjords, and towering mountains. And if it wasn't hiking, then I could’ve been paddling in and out of coves, sailing down fjords, taking gondolas up to mountain peaks, and cannonballing into mountaintop lakes. 

In other words, Bergen, Norway during summer was stupid beautiful. Check out some of my favorite photos below from my week in Bergen.