Day 1-The Inn at Cedar Falls

There's a scene at the beginning of Lord of the Rings when the great Gandalf the Grey says to the effect, a wizard is never late, in fact he's never early nor late, but arrives precisely when he means to. I wish I could use that as a travel writer, but it just doesn't work that way unfortunately. And thus, that is the segway to this post, which I told you would be published last night, and not this morning. However, somewhat to my delight, the cottage I stayed at in Hocking Hills was without TV, Internet access or cell phone coverage. To get Internet service, you would actually have to stay in the inn itself, which my fellow traveler, Kirsten Alana did, but I stayed in one of the cottages up the road. Although we were afraid we were going to be late arriving at the Inn at Cedar Falls, we actually arrived just a few minutes before our 7 p.m. dinner reservation, giving us a little bit of light for some photos. The Inn at Cedar Falls is one of the very few inns that I know of that regularly serve dinner. Because it's such a secluded retreat, there aren't many dining options available, which even if there were, you wouldn't want to try because of the excellent entrees they put together. I had the seared duck breast and then we were treated with a couple different desserts, which included a dark, flour-less chocolate cake with a cream cheese sauce and Creme Brulee. All of it was excellent and the duck was some of the best I've ever had.

The cottages are especially great for younger couples. They are set-off from the inn and are a great retreat, featuring a porch with a swing and rocking chairs, jacuzzi-style, jetted tubs and a gas fireplace. Although a little chilly, I threw on my hoodie and beanie and enjoyed a cup of hot tea while writing out on the porch. This was much needed as to be honest, it was a breath of fresh air to be without Internet, TV and phone coverage. Today we hit the road on our way to another Select Registry Bed and Breakfast, this one in Herman, Missouri. You can continue to follow our trip more closely on Twitter, using the hash tag #srtrip or check back often for more blog posts about each day of our trip.